domingo, 27 de junho de 2010

Em cheio!

Eu não sou muito fã de horóscopo mas que esse bateu em cheio, não há como negar! Amazing!

De hoje

It's not easy living with another person who attempts to avoid your real concerns. Still, striving to get your way doesn't seem to make anything better. You just want a straightforward answer today, even if it is no. Unfortunately, satisfaction is tantalizingly close while still being out of reach. Don't fret if you can't reach the resolution you currently seek; it will happen when you least expect it.

De amanhã

It's okay to temporarily forget about your long-term plans. Unfulfilled obligations won't disappear, but it's wise to place a healthy distance between you and your goals to freshen your perspective. It's almost like going on a short vacation as you only take care of responsibilities that demand your immediate attention. Make sure that you set aside sufficient time for rest and relaxation because you'll be back to work soon enough.

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