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It’s not enough to tell kids that “it gets better.”

In response to all the suicides of young men who were bullied because of their sexuality, a lot of people have been advocating Dan Savage’s It Gets Better campaign. While I seriously love Dan, and that campaign has a necessary and valid message, it is not enough and it should not be our main solution to this problem.

Most of the messages I’ve seen related to that campaign deal with coming to terms with one’s sexuality while feeling isolated and excluded in communities where being a “fag” is heralded as a negative, undesirable thing, but not about dealing with the verbal, emotional, and physical abuse and trauma of severe, long-term bullying and harassment.

Trust me, I know from personal experience, and I’m starting to cry just thinking about it. Your life becomes a constant fear, never at ease, rarely feeling safe, always on edge worrying about the next attack and from where it might come; being targeted and victimized again and again, day after day, year after year, until you cannot imagine life any other way, until you cannot conceive of a future for yourself, until you just need this to end. It gets so bad that it doesn’t matter if one day it’s going to get better because the right now becomes too terrible to bear any longer.

So telling these kids, “these are just your teenage years, tough it out because it gets better” does absolutely nothing to ease their suffering, and (again, trust me, it’s what parents and school administrators told me) just feels like you are dismissing their pain as something that can and should be tolerated.

Telling these kids, “just suck it up because it gets better” puts ALL of the responsibility on them, when they’re already carrying the overwhelming burden of their constant, repeated victimization.

Telling them to hold on should be the temporary panacea, and not a focused solution. The focus should be on preventing the bullying in the first place. On schools having no tolerance policies. On parents taking responsibility for their children’s bullying behavior, and not dismissing it because they don’t want to feel like they raised an asshole. On stepping in and speaking up if you see someone, anyone, being bullied. On volunteering in after-school programs in your community so you can help raise a more tolerant generation. On calling your state representatives and telling them you want anti-bullying legislation that forces the school districts to take action, and calling them, emailing them, telling them again and again and again until it gets done.

It should not solely be up to the victims to survive their trauma. It has to be up to us. We have to take care of them now, which we won’t do only by telling them to wait. They’ve waited as long as they could already.

Foi decidido! Em 20 de outubro de 2010, vamos usar roxo em homenagem à juventude LGBT que cometeram suicídio nas últimas semanas / meses, devido a abusos homofóbicos em suas casas e escolas.

VIOLETA representa o Espírito sobre a bandeira LGBT e que é exatamente o que gostaríamos que todos prezassem no que tem com você: o espírito. Por favor, saibam que os tempos vão melhorar e que você vai encontrar pessoas que vão te amar e respeitar por quem você é, não importa a sua sexualidade.

Agradecimento a Brittany McMillan para a criação deste evento!


Por favor use roxo em 20 de outubro. Diga aos seus familiares, amigos, colegas, vizinhos e escolas.

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